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Monica Black Life Coach

Helping you unlock
your true potential

Take control of your life and become the you, 

you’ve always wanted


Do you feel something inside of you is “holding you back” but you can’t quite put your finger on it?


Do you know you are capable of achieving what you know you can achieve but you don’t know how to begin your journey to get where you want to be?


Do you want to unlock your true potential and become the you you’ve always dreamt of becoming?


Have you reached a crossroads in your life and don’t know which road to take?


 I’m here to help you reach and unlock your full potential.



I am a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, an NNRT Practitioner (Negative Neuro Pathway Reversal Therapy( (Bi-Lateral Eye Movement) , Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Trainer, Media Commentator and Author of “My Little Book of Helpfulness”.

Using my “tool box” of Hypnotherapy, NLP, NNRT, Mindfulness and Coaching, I  have successfully helped many people overcome all kinds of emotional, physical and physiological conditions, thus enabling my clients to unlock the full potential of their minds – enabling them to achieve Mind, Body and Soul Balance, so they can take control of their life and become the person they’ve dreamed of being.

I am a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, FACCPH, GHR, GHSC, BATHH & CNHC

Monica Black, London Therapist


Eye Movement


Behaviour Change Coaching with NNRT facilitates profound change with your clients in just a single session. It works perfectly for casesof Trauma, Abuse, Personal Blockages, Anxiety and Depression, Stress and most negative emotions holding an individual back from moving forward.



Course modalities Include NNRT, 

Bilateral Eye Movement, NLP, Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Behavioural Science, Human 

Givens Psychology, Counselling, 

Lifestyle Medicine and the 

Emotional Freedom Technique, 

100 Lectures, 600 hours, 12 month guide to completion part time 


Virtual Gastric Band
Hypnotherapeutic Technique Masterclass


Are looking to add to your Toolkit

Do you want to help your clients lose weight safely? Do you want to help your clients deal with the emotions behind their weight gain enabling them to get off their yo-yo dieting wheel? If you answer yes to 1 or all of the above then this course is for you and the best part is just 1 client will pay for this fully tutored (by me) on-line course 


NNRT uses bi-lateral eye movements and it can be used in tandem with Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness.


This therapy can be used for cases of trauma, depression, PTSD as well as any negative emotion holding your client back from moving forward.

My Little book of helpfulness

My Little Book of


Quick, easy & simple techniques to help
you navigate through the stresses & strains of
In the 21st Century



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NNRT Practitioner

Life Coach, Author, Trainer, Supervisor

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