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How to spot the signs of Trauma & Anxiety

How to spot the signs of Trauma & Anxiety


PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and OCD all of which can sadly lead to suicide if not treated.


So how can the signs of Trauma be recognised either by you or someone you know.  


Well firstly there are 3 categories.  


  • Psychological Symptoms

  • Physical Symptoms

  • Social Symptoms


Let’s look at the Psychological Symptoms first.


Psychological Symptoms

Re-experiencing traumatic events for example in flashbacks, nightmares, repetitive pictures or feelings or sensations, having constant negative thoughts about that; asking questions that stop a person coming to terms with that event, for example such as why did it happen and whether that person could have prevented it.


Physical Symptoms

Pain, sweating, feeling sick, trembling, irritability, angry outbursts, sleep disorders, difficulty in concentrating.


Social Symptoms

Avoiding people and places that remind a person of the trauma, not talking to anyone about the experience, trying to deal with the feelings by trying not to feel anything at all, becoming isolated and withdrawn, giving up activities that were once enjoyable.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from any of the above seek help immediately. 


It is extremely important that if you feel you are experiencing even slightly any of the above symptoms that you seek help immediately 



Talk to anyone about what you are feeling. Remember

You are not alone. 

There’s help for you

We are here to help. 

You will not be judged.

You will be understood. 


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