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What is NNRT


Negative Neuro-Pathway Reversal Therapy – NNRT is a new transformational change therapy, that has been developed by Monica Black.   


Monica developed NNRT over a period of 6 years after attending a bi-laterial eye movement therapy course.  Whilst traditional bi-lateral eye movement therapy was developed and used in the treatment of Trauma and PTSD, Monica found that when she used bi-lateral eye movement together with Clinical Hypnosis and/or NLP and/or Coaching and/or Mindfulness for almost all and any of the issues her clients presented with, their recovery was much faster than using each modality separately. 


NNRT really does exactly what it says “on the tin”, namely reverse negative unwanted thoughts emotions, feelings, memories etc.quickly and effectively. In other words where Neuro-Pathways are firing and sending off negative messages. 


So in short, NNRTuses Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Bi-Lateral Eye Movements and Mindfulness for the treatment of Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), regulation of traumatic experiences including rape and child abuse. It is used to negate most negative emotions that could hamper an individual from moving forward, as well as banishing unwanted bad habits such as stopping smoking and nail biting, and as an aid to eating more healthily etc It is also used in the reduction of stress, anxiety, anger; fears /phobias, and increasing  self-esteem, confidence etc., plus almost any condition whereby an individual is ’ stuck’, ‘can’t‘let go’ nor ‘move forward’. 



How does it work?


NNRT helps reprocess negative experiences, thoughts, memories and emotions by using bilateral eye movement whilst the patient/client experiences and feels the actual aspects of the memory and emotions associated with it.


Why, you may ask, must the client/patent experience and feel the emotions, thoughts, feelings etc that they wish to recover from.


The reason is that we can’t let go of something we don’t own.  Usually when we don’t want to feel something we generally put on a brave face and try to push it away.  When we do this, the unwanted feelings come at us even stronger.  However as soon as we ‘own’ those feelings and feel them, we can begin to let go of them and start to heal.  


It is believed that this bilateral stimulation of NNRT creates biochemical changes in the brain that aid the processing of the negative emotions and experiences.

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