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Christmas Stress

There is so much confusion at the moment and we don’t know if literally we’re coming or going, but there is nothing we can do about it.

Except to accept.

You have enough stress in your life at the moment without adding more on something you can’t control.

Accept the current circumstances you find yourself in and believe me your stress WILL lessen.

Make the most of this very unusual strange Holiday Season, and make memories, because there will be precious memories you will want to take away from 2022

Eat. Drink. Be as Merry.

Smile. Exchange gifts if you can.

And look towards 2023 with a new found wisdom and anticipation, because without you realising it you have grown so wise and learnt so much this year.

Cherish both the ups and the terrible downs, because without them you wouldn’t be morphing into this new wise, mature, empathetic person you are becoming and that’s priceless.

Much love Monica xoxo


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