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Well the countdown has begun and so has the build up for family tensions and short fuses, so if you are starting to dread meeting up with certain family members who you feel “put you down” , or you feel intimidated by, try this little exercise to defuse your fuse and make you feel stronger, better and hence able to enjoy the gathering

Imagine the situation / event / person, that is making you feel squiffy or fearful, standing in-front of you;


Think of something funny that makes you laugh. It could be a song, a film, TV programme, anything at all.

Enhance that feeling that makes you happy

Make it bigger and brighter - you can chuckle or even better still laugh out loud.

Now think again of the situation / event / person that you were dreading.

How do you feel now?

Laughter and / or amusement is a wonderful leveller and takes the “sting” out of uncomfortable situations.

Don’t let anyone take your happiness away. No one has a right to dampen the enjoyment you most certainly deserve.

Here’s to a stress free wonderfully Holiday Season filled with love, happiness, peace, lots of good food and family memories you’ll always cherish

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