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Just a thought: Words & how they effect our thought process

Neuro Scientist Prof. John Capioppo said “Bees are meant to live in a hive. Humans are meant to live in a Tribe” and never were these words more true and apt than they are now, in April 2020 as the world battles with the chaos of COVID-19. Yet we humans are now forbidden to live in our Tribe.

The world has been instructed to “Self Isolate” to strictly keep “Social Distancing” at least 2 metres or 6 feet in old money from each other, in order to save our life and those of others.

We know that keeping ourselves apart from our Tribe causes us to be sad, but when we hear the words SOCIAL DISTANCING they scream at us Misery. Isolation. Loneliness. Being Alone. Boredom. In other words those 2 words SOCIAL DISTANCING are exceptionally negative. And at this time there is enough negativity around and what we actually need some positivity don’t we?

Well Prof Paul Gilbert, who is a Clinical Psychologist and who I had the privilege to hear speak the other day has come up with a far more positive phrase which I love. And that phrase is SAFE SPACING or SAFE RELATING. Now doesn’t that sound so much better? It’s actually saying “I’m making this space between us safe because I care for you and don’t want to infect you just in case I could be infectious and vice a versa. It’s an altruistic action.

I’ve found when I’ve used that phrase I don’t feel I’m distancing myself from my fellow Tribe members, I actually feel closer to them.

Language is so important so I would encourage you to do the same and notice how you feel. Notice how your neuro pathways change and how maybe you feel a wee brighter lighter, maybe slightly more motivated, not so heavy, alone, isolated. Spread the word. Tell family and friends to change their language from negative to a more positive one.


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