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Quick, easy and simple techniques to help you navigate through the stresses and strains of living in the 21st century.


This book provides a series of ‘HELPFULNESS TECHNIQUES’ for dealing with a whole series of common issues that people experience.


“I wrote this Little Book when I realised most of the excellent self help books that are available on the market, seem to go into great detail and explanation on how to control anxiety, stress, building confidence and self-esteem, helping with a fear or a phobia, teaching relaxation techniques, the list goes on and on, but it seemed to me the techniques/exercises in these books were rather convoluted and lengthy. Just reading them made me stressed!


“Because we are a “NOW” society I wanted to put these techniques/exercises, which I use in clinic with my clients on a daily basis, into a simple quick to understand and do format enabling the reader to get to grips with the techniques/exercises easily, effortlessly and quickly thereby benefiting them in every day life and situations.”

My Little Book of Helpfulness Paper back

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