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Zoom Life Coach

What is Life Coaching?

In simple words, life coaching is a process of moving you from your current situation to your ultimate objectives. I do it effectively by asking some powerful questions and using different techniques like: 


  • Hypnosis

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Psychodynamics

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching


How Does It Work?


●     Objectives: I will first determine the objectives you want to attain with life coaching courses.


●     Psychometrics: You will be then asked to take a comprehensive psychometric test to check how you think, feel and act.


●     Deep Insight: I pay attention to every detail in your behaviour to discover what is stopping you. The reasons may be your negative thinking, perceived obstacles etc. I can remove them and help you to embark on a passion in life.


●     Action: Next, I will transform your insight into actions and a strategy to bring you closer to your goals.


●     Accountability: I will keep you accountable between sessions, ensuring you finish growth tasks and assignments.

Coaching Methodology


As a psychodynamic coach, I work with your unconscious beliefs that control your thinking, actions, and feelings. I am also a master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a powerful psychological tool for transformation.

Why Choose Coaching Over Counselling?


Coaching is a more comprehensive aspect than counselling or therapy. The main purpose of life coaching involves promoting self awareness, removing the gaps between potential and how things are currently and making clear choices.


Generally, therapy is more about treating mental issues, whereas coaching is about self-development and unlocking your full potential.

Can People With Mental Health Issues Benefit From Coaching?

Coaching can be beneficial for people with mental health issues as it can have therapeutic qualities.

Book An Appointment Now


Still, have any doubts regarding coaching? I also offer life coaching sessions via Zoom.

Book an appointment with me today.

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